20 Hour Volunteer Requirement

Jeff Morford Jeff Morford

The Local 1650 Contract requires members to provide 20 hours of community service each contractual  year. A contractual year runs from August 16 of one year to August 15 of the subsequent year. The community service must take place in one of the 5 cities that provide the most students to HFC: Dearborn, Detroit, Dearborn Heights, Taylor, or Allen Park.

There are many ways to meet this service requirement. You can serve on community service organizations like the Dearborn Rotary. The Local is currently putting together a list of these groups and their meeting times. The contract provides for reimbursement of the dues to join these organizations.

There are many other opportunities. Gleaners Community Foodbank has distribution centers in Taylor and Detroit that frequently need help. Some faculty have helped with groups that study the Rouge River Water Shed. Others have volunteered at the Dearborn Animal Shelter. You can help with Henry Ford College Foundation events such as the Adray Golf Tournament. ACCESS runs many programs in support of the Dearborn community. Local 1650 members have participated in Belle Isle clean ups and Habitat for Humanity builds.

10 hours of the community service requirement can be met by service to outside groups on the HFC campus. For instance during the first Friday in January you can help judge the Business Professionals of America event.

The idea behind the Community Service requirement is to get members of the local into the community in a positive way.  For that reason regular participation in the same group, participation in leadership roles in community groups, and participation in community service organizations is especially encouraged.

If you know of a secular group in the communities of Dearborn, Detroit, Dearborn Heights, Taylor, or Allen Park that needs support, or if you you want to share a volunteer experience of your own please use the comments on this post.



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