AFT Higher Education Conference Open for Registration

Register here button from the AFT website. Register here button from the AFT website.

AFT’s Higher Education Conference- an annual, national conference- will be in Detroit this year from April 28 to April 30. Because of its proximity Local 1650 would like to invite all interested members to attend. You can register at There is no cost to register and Local 1650 will cover any meal expenses, parking expenses, and mileage to and from the event at the IRS rate. You may use a travel/conference day to attend the Friday session. Simply fill out the travel form indicating that there will be no expense to the College.

The conference usually is a mix of sessions on how to administer and strengthen your local union, updates on political and legal issues affecting higher education unions and teachers, and even session on pedagogy. There are general sessions (generally lunch and dinner) where we celebrate higher education leaders with awards, and hear speakers with current, important messages.

Please register yourself, then let Jeff Morford, or John McDonald know to expect you. After attending you can send a typewritten summary of expenses, along with receipts, if any, to Stacey Buchanan.

For more information please see

An agenda is available at


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