Local 1650 Recognizes Three Retirees

John McDonald hands an award to Geraldine Grunow. John McDonald recognizing the service of Geraldine Grunow.

On August 22 Local 1650 met after the Faculty Organization meeting to recognize three recent retirees. John McDonald spoke briefly about each retiree. He then presented them with the AFT Citation for Service.

John described Diane Mancinelli as the ideal of how a member can support the Local without holding leadership positions. He mentioned her participation in the Labor Day parade and her activism at rallies in Lansing in particular.

John emphasized the social-justice activity of Geraldine Grunow. Geraldine is a voice for labor activism both nationally and internationally. She also fights for social justice in other ways. For instance, she was a long-serving leader for Amnesty International  on the HFC campus.

John thanked Randy Knight for his leadership. Randy has served on the executive board. He called frequent meeting of his area to make sure that the local leadership and the members in that area remained connected. Randy was also perhaps shocked to learn of the “member discount” at his French villa proposed by John.

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