Local 1650 Internal Elections

vote election badge button for 2016 background 3d Illustrations

If you are interested in running for area representative in an odd numbered area, or interested in running for internal vice president, or secretary of the local,  please send an email, or written note to Eric Rader. Nominations will close at our November General Membership meeting and an election will be held shortly thereafter. Terms are two years and begin in January.

Area 1 Counseling , Library, Career Services, Student Activities, Assisted Learning Services, Student Outreach and Support, Learning Lab Coordinator, Athletic Director

Area 3 Technical

Area 5 Science

Area 7 Health Careers

Area 9 Fine Arts & Fitness & Philosophy

Area 11 Communications (Non-Composition)

Becoming an area representative is a great way to learn more about how your local works and to communicate with your colleagues represent your colleagues and their interests at the Executive Board. The Executive Board meets once per month at 2:30 on a Monday. Area Representatives also make sure that peer mentor committees are staffed and completing required tasks on time. They will also help find travel committee representatives when vacancies occur.

The internal vice president is in charge of communication within the local, selecting a chairperson for the Professional Issue Conference committee, and supervising online course evaluations with the support of technically savvy faculty.

The secretary is responsible for maintaining the minutes of the Executive Board and General Membership meetings.

You can read more about the duties of the officers at: http://hfccft1650.org/constitution/Constitution-Bylaws9-30-15.pdf

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