Shared Governance Participation

Faculty-like people working together on something. Faculty-like people working together on something.

The Local 1650 contract calls on faculty to participate in the shared governance of the College, or of the Union beginning in their third year at the College. Many faculty want to begin serving the College and its students through the governance structure sooner. Yet, sometimes it can be difficult to get elected to committees where the positions are elected if you are new to the College. But, even if you cannot be elected many committees allow walk on membership. I have included a partial list below, along with the person to contact if you are interested in joining.


Name Charge (Paraphrased) Common Meeting Time Contact
Insurance Committee Review bargaining unit insurance plans and communicate with members 4th Monday from 3:30 to 4:30 Stacey Buchanan
Political Committee Review candidates for office and provide information to members about them Eric Rader
New Teacher Listen to new teacher needs and design programs to support new teachers Chardin Claybourne


Name Charge Excerpts Common Meeting Time Contact
Scholastic Policies The Committee will review, study, and make recommendations about policies pertaining to academic problems such as probation, withdrawal, and course placement. Third Tuesday from 3:30-5:00 as needed Pamela Sayre
Instructional Technology The purpose of the instructional Technology Committee is to encourage and promote uses of technology that improve learning and provide a variety of learning options. The committee also considers needs, challenges, opportunities, and formulates policy recommendations regarding Instructional Technology. Last Tuesday from 2:45-4:00 or 4:30 Alison Buchanan
CTEI Board

(Likely Walk-on in Winter 2018)

A center dedicated to teaching excellence and innovation designed to provide full-time and part-time faculty resources for professional development and the improvement of student learning outcomes.   Mike Hill, or Janice Caie-Lawrence
Council of World Cultures The Council of World Cultures shall seek to foster global awareness and understanding throughout the College and greater community through the study of world cultures and issues. Third Tuesday from 3:15-4:30 Nahla Haidar
Handbook Currently working on updating, and finding the best distribution method for Academic Policy at the College. Next meeting November 1 at 2:30 Chad Austin or Jeff Morford
Library The purpose of the Library Committee is to consider policy issues or questions related to the Library and its role in promoting student success; to evaluate policies and practices to ensure the Library’s full integration into the teaching/learning/research environment; to advance the acquisition and use of information technology and traditional collections; to provide a forum for the presentation of new Library initiatives; and to advocate for maintenance and development of Library facilities and collections.   Ruth Ann Schmitt
Professional Problems Committee The Professional Problems Committee considers problems of a professional nature which are submitted by members of the Faculty Organization, by the Senate, or by the President. Third Tuesday from 3:!0-4:30 Brian Smith


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